Music Production, Recording  &  Mixing

Want to get your songs professionally recorded?
I'd love to work with you.

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Whether you're an experienced musician, or only just discovering the awesome world of making music, I want to help you turn your ideas into finished tracks that people will love.

I'm a passionate and professional Music Producer and Audio Engineer, and it's my job to record and mix your songs so that they sound amazing.

If you want I can also give you advice, throw ideas around with you, and help you make creative decisions about your music.

I produce all genres of music, and enjoy working with individual singer/songwriters all the way up to full bands.

Why not send me an email and say hi. I really hope we can work together!

How much do I charge?

Every project has different requirements, so the best way to give you an estimate is if you contact me and tell me a bit about your project. I'll work out a customised quote to try to give you as much value for money as possible.

For a ballpark figure, my rates range from around $125 an hour for more involved projects, down to around $75 an hour for simpler projects. As I mentioned though, if you get in touch with me I'll work really hard to find an arrangement we'll both be happy with.