Music Composition

Need music custom-written for your project?
Count me in.

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Are you working on a film, tv or web series, commercial, video game, or other project that requires music? I want to help you make your great project even better.

I'm a Music Composer and Audio Engineer, so I can write the music, and record and produce it for you as well. All you'll need to do is drop the finished tracks into your project, and release it for the world to see.

I've composed music in a wide range of styles, and love working really closely with creators. I'll work with you to find sounds that match the tone and feel of your project, and give your audience the exact experience you want them to have.

Feel free to send me an email and say hi. I really hope we can work together!

How much do I charge?

Every project has different requirements, so the best way to give you an estimate is if you contact me and tell me a bit about your project. I'll work out a customised quote to try to give you as much value for money as possible.

For a ballpark figure, my rates range from around $125 an hour for more involved projects, down to around $75 an hour for simpler projects. As I mentioned though, if you get in touch with me I'll work really hard to find an arrangement we'll both be happy with.